Cooking set + tea goodies
Cooking set + tea goodies

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Cooking set  + tea goodies

The  cooking  set   includes:

GHI or GI oil is a high quality ghee made according to a special recipe. Ghee is produced by removing water (about 20%) and solid parts of milk from pure sweet cream butter with an extra 85% fat in the process of melting on a live fire on wood. Ghee oil does not contain casein and the milk sugar lactose.

Ghee is ideal for frying. This is one of the few oils that does not lose its beneficial properties, it does not burn during frying and therefore does not emit carcinogens - this is its special value.

Paneer cheese is a soft cottage cheese rich in protein, an easily digestible milk protein by the body. Made on an eco-farm  according to a traditional Indian recipe. Without rennet, without impurities and preservatives. Natural and environmentally friendly, like all products. Paneer retains the taste of fresh milk.

CLASSIC AND SALT CHEESES are most recommended for frying in a frying pan, barbecue or grill. The classic paneer is ideal for cooking fried, stewed and baked dishes. In the process of cooking in a frying pan, the classic paneer cheese retains its shape and is fried until golden brown.

SALT CHEESE PANEER in the process of frying, as well as on the grill and grill, like the classic paneer cheese, retains its shape, only slightly melts. Also like in sandwiches, salads and by itself! It has an original bright taste, which is especially revealed in combination with fresh vegetables.

These are natural, environmentally friendly dairy products produced at eco-farm. In addition to milk, kefir, sour cream and other dairy "classics", unique products are produced: GHI ghee and Paneer cheese. And in 2018, they began to produce lactose-free milk and yogurt, which are also in great demand.

The idea and uniqueness is that most products are made from the milk of protected cows. We are sure that only such products, filled with the energy of love, help people to be healthy and happy.

Order dairy and other products at home or in the office!

Delicious with pleasure!



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